Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Renegade Craft Fair

I've wanted to go to this for a number of years, but this is the first year I actually made it. It was pretty awesome, and I could have spent a gazillion dollars.  

I was on the hunt for some prints for my new office, which currently has four bare walls with only a plant to cheer the place up. Office art is sort of a tricky thing- definitely not what you would put up in your house, but (hopefully) not too boring. I'm also trying to come off as mature and professional at my new job (which, if you know me, can be a stretch) since all the other attorneys are 10+ years older than me. Which meant that I kept having to skip over the hilarious screenprints that involved hot dogs.

Here's what I got:

The Chicago and Illinois screenprints are for my office, the bike one (which looks cooler close up, it has a hilarious story written in the green part) is for our sun room. The tote bag and the t-shirt I just had to get because they were awesome and cheap. I thought the prints were pretty cheap too- all $20 or $10. 

I think the t-shirt is kind of hilarious. 

So true!

Anyway, you should definitely go to the RCF if you have the chance! On the website it says that they have them in Austin, SF, LA, NY and Chicago. 


lori said...

i love that shirt. so funny. and when you think about it, california is our mexico... for better or worse...

Lucy said...

yes! that is very true. florida is kind of the midwest's mexico, which is way suckier.
(btw- the people who sold me this shirt were an adorable couple who live in corvallis but traveled to chi for this craft fair. weird, right?)

Chrystal said...

that's super weird. I love the shirt.

Nicole said...

Love your orkposter! Was actually going to suggest one before I got that far down in the post :)