Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Ending at an Even Number

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Soooo, I haven't posted in a month not for want of things to be into (I have lots of those, promise), but because I've been thinking about this bloogggg a lot and how it probably isn't the best idea for me to have on the internetz.  Even though my subject matter is highly uncontroversial (rutabagas! cats! gardens!), it is public and because of my job I really shouldn't be espousing on any subject matter this publicly. Which leaves me a couple options: a) make my blog private or b) shut it on down. I would be all about making it private except that I read all of my blogs in google reader, and if it is private then it can't be in a google reader feed, and if I can never remember to read any blogs that don't come directly into my google reader, how can I expect any of you faithful readers to do so?

Long story short - one year and exactly one hundred posts later, I am going to shut this blog down. I'll leave this post up for a couple weeks in case any straggler readers want to come say there tearful goodbyes. It's been real, folks. Sorry I was a bad blogger recently, but this blog has been awesome in that it helped me fill my funemployment time with fun things and always helped me remember to carry my camera around. So, good things all around. Instead of leaving on a sad note, I'll leave with some of my recent things that I've been into:

Lots of homemade pasta.
Hot Dougs vegetarian hot dogs (OMG SO GOOD). 

Matt building awesome benches for our NewAwesomeDeck2011.
And, obviously, a hilarious picture of Elizabeth Lemon.

Later gators!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Rutabagas!

I've never cooked w/ rutabagas before because a) their name sounds gross and b) there are so many other delicious winter root vegetables that I figured it wasn't worth the risk. BUT then I saw this recipe for "Cornish Pasties" (I know..) in Vegetarian Times (someone more patient than I wrote it out on the internetz here). So I tried them out. And guess what?! Not scary, and, in fact, delicious.





 Only a few more weeks of winter root vegetable eating... I can't wait for spring vegetables!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Dancing Thom

This makes me laugh. A lot.

(via Paste magazine, via the Dancing Thom blog)

Things That I'm Into: Fritz Pastry Macarons

Perfect saturday afternoon errand break.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Sultan's Market

My VERY FAVORITE lunch in the entire city of chicago. I love the crap out of Sultan's.  I can't believe its taken me this long to declare my love strong and loud on this blog. The proper order is a falafil sandwich extra spicy. If you are especially hungry then add a cup of lentil soup. The end.
There is one in wicker park and in lincoln park. Booyah.

Also, the dudes that work there are rad. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Pop Up Dinners

Deets and I went to Fritz Pastry for a valentines-themed vegetarian "pop up restaurant."* It had seven courses, five of which were dessert. Yup. The menu was as followed:

Course One: Fennel Soup and Salad Sandwich

Entree: Creamy Polenta and Veggie Ragout

Dessert Amuse: Lemon

Fruit One: Dreamsicle Vacherin


Fruit Two: Tropical Fruit Tapioca

Chocolate One: Black Forest

Chocolate Two: Chocolate Cereal




Mingardises: Four bite-size reminders of the flavors we had above.


All in all, it was amazing, and I really liked the pop-up dinner experience. It wasn't too expensive ($40) for how much food it was and how good it was, it was BYOB, and it had a fun experimental-ish vibe. Plus, it was the day before valentine's day, so on the actual day we could make a HEART SHAPED PIZZA.


Cause what says love more than a heart shaped pizza?

* A pop up restaurant, according to Mr. Howard Portney of NY Restaurant Examiner, is explained on the interwebs as: "So far as I know, the term pop-up originated in San Francisco, with the restaurant Lung Shan, in the city's Mission District. Most days, Lung Shan is a nondescript Chinese restaurant that does a hum-drum business, but two days a week it metamorphoses into Mission Street Food, a serious restaurant with serious chefs cooking for serious customers. Such an arrangement creates a venue for aspiring young chefs, who can ply their trade without the monumental investment that starting up a restaurant normally entails. Pop-ups not only provide a stage for talented chefs but inject needed lifeblood into struggling restaurants whose kitchens are underused much of the time." Link here.