Monday, February 21, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Pop Up Dinners

Deets and I went to Fritz Pastry for a valentines-themed vegetarian "pop up restaurant."* It had seven courses, five of which were dessert. Yup. The menu was as followed:

Course One: Fennel Soup and Salad Sandwich

Entree: Creamy Polenta and Veggie Ragout

Dessert Amuse: Lemon

Fruit One: Dreamsicle Vacherin


Fruit Two: Tropical Fruit Tapioca

Chocolate One: Black Forest

Chocolate Two: Chocolate Cereal




Mingardises: Four bite-size reminders of the flavors we had above.


All in all, it was amazing, and I really liked the pop-up dinner experience. It wasn't too expensive ($40) for how much food it was and how good it was, it was BYOB, and it had a fun experimental-ish vibe. Plus, it was the day before valentine's day, so on the actual day we could make a HEART SHAPED PIZZA.


Cause what says love more than a heart shaped pizza?

* A pop up restaurant, according to Mr. Howard Portney of NY Restaurant Examiner, is explained on the interwebs as: "So far as I know, the term pop-up originated in San Francisco, with the restaurant Lung Shan, in the city's Mission District. Most days, Lung Shan is a nondescript Chinese restaurant that does a hum-drum business, but two days a week it metamorphoses into Mission Street Food, a serious restaurant with serious chefs cooking for serious customers. Such an arrangement creates a venue for aspiring young chefs, who can ply their trade without the monumental investment that starting up a restaurant normally entails. Pop-ups not only provide a stage for talented chefs but inject needed lifeblood into struggling restaurants whose kitchens are underused much of the time." Link here.

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