Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things That I'm Into: After the Blizzard

The next morning, after receiving word that it was a SNOW DAY at work (hallelujah!), Deets and I set out doing some post-storm exploration. Unfortunately, Blisstal did not bring us any cinnamon rolls before we set out. Totally unfair.

Our street.
Our car.
More street.
Some brave souls had shoveled narrow walk ways out to the main streets. 
Reporters were on the scene!
The lake looked otherworldly.
Some poor - but lucky- folks crashed right before heading into the lake.
Lake Shore Drive was closed, so Matt got to pose in the middle. 
Kids got to ride on sleds. 
And we finished out the day with some card games and beers at a bar with a fireplace.

Definitely into blizzards.  

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Chrystal said...

Nice pics and sorry about the cinnamon rolls.