Monday, March 21, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Rutabagas!

I've never cooked w/ rutabagas before because a) their name sounds gross and b) there are so many other delicious winter root vegetables that I figured it wasn't worth the risk. BUT then I saw this recipe for "Cornish Pasties" (I know..) in Vegetarian Times (someone more patient than I wrote it out on the internetz here). So I tried them out. And guess what?! Not scary, and, in fact, delicious.





 Only a few more weeks of winter root vegetable eating... I can't wait for spring vegetables!


Chrystal said...

Those look fantastic. Yum.

lori said...

whoa! you're a culinary genius! i've never had them before. what are they like? oh, and can you come cook for me on the regular puhreese?