Monday, January 24, 2011

Things That I'm Into: Raclette

Okay, so imagine a deliciously creamy and salty cheese with the perfect amount of flavor. Then imagine that it was slow cooked over a camp fire so it got all deliciously melty and some of the bits got wonderfully crispy. Then imagine this cooked cheese was put on a sandwich with fresh baked bread and served with a stone ground mustard and pickles.

Pastoral Cheese shop in Chicago makes this sandwich, which they dub the "Raclette N Roll." This is how their blog describes the cheese making process:

Raclette has its origins in the southern part of Switzerland, but the name is based on the French word racleur which means “to scrape.” The first people to discover the deliciousness of this cheese in melty form were the cow herders who worked high on the mountains. For dinner they would take some Raclette and warm it by the fire until it turned soft and gooey. Then they would scrape the cheese on to foods like potatoes, pickles, or charcuterie. See

Here are some pics of the sandwich before it was devoured:

You probably can't even imagine how delicious it is, so I'll just tell you. AMAZING. This is definitely the best new sandwich I've been introduced to since 2004 when I was introduced to the Bay Cities Caprese in Santa Monica, CA. Best sandwich in SEVEN YEARS, people!

You can get it at Pastoral, on Broadway and in the Loop and at Union Station through March 31st. (If I was a better blogger, I would link, but you guys all know how to use google.)

Viva la Fromage!


Jessie said...

i love this post for two reasons. 1) this sandwich sounds delicious. 2) i hadn't thought about bay cities in ages. so good. that cheese/garlic spread was my favorite. thanks to kate padbury for introducing me to that one.

Sara Jean said...

Yum! This looks delicious. It wouldn't be lucy without the pickle!