Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Coffee & Tea Exchange

Since we've been back in Chicago I've been trying to buy our spices in bulk. They are way cheaper and that way you don't have the waste a glass or plastic container each time you get new spices.

It helps that we have this really cute spice/tea/coffee store right in our hood called the "Coffee & Tea Exchange." It smells amazing and the people who work there are really nice about crawling up to the top shelves to get you a spice.

Buying spices in bulk is also awesome because you can buy a small amount. You aren't supposed to keep spices for that long (< year), so if you are like me and know you will never use an entire jar of "mace" in a year, you can just get a little.

I have this sinking feeling that maybe the people at the shop don't follow the less than a year spice rule, but I'm  just going to live in a happy oblivion about that...

Anyway, into it.

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