Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Favorite Fall Recipes

I've been trying out lots of recipes to cook fall veggies from our CSA. There have been some serious hits and some serious misses. Here are some of the hits:

 Braised pumpkin with tomato sauce.  (Bittman, How to Cook Everything)
Butternut Squash Gratin w/ Rosemary Breadcrumbs. 

Then lots of pumpkin baked goods with the fresh pumpkin puree made from pie pumpkins. Did you know that Illinois is the pie pumpkin capital of the world? Now you know.

Fav Pumpkin Bread recipe:

And this DELICIOUS Butternut Squash soup recipe. It has cider and tart apples. We don't keep sour cream around these parts, but we used yogurt and it was really good. I make a lot of butternut squash soups, and I think this is my favorite I've ever made.  It's really similar to the vegetarian times recipe from this month, which is from the Greens in SF, but with less fancy ingredients.

I've also been making Duffy's Yuxiang Eggplant recipe which is amazing and I'm sure she'll share if you ask her nicely.

I love fall flavors!


lori said...

that stuffed squash made my stomach growl. damn.

Alex said...

I made the pumpkin bread tonight - so delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe.