Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Balcony Garden, Week 6-7

So we ran away to the west coast for two weeks and left our garden. Pretty much worst garden parents ever. Friends stopped by and watered every once and a while, which meant our plants stayed alive (hooray!), but since it was chicago and summer and they were very thirsty they were a little worse for the wear when we returned.

Thus, our tomatoes developed (dum dum dum) BLOSSOM END ROT. (Obviously I had to google the symptoms to find out the disease. I am not a plant doctor.)

Pictorial evidence of the plague:

So sad, right?!?! But don't worry, there are a gazillion more tomatoes in line to take those rotten tomatoes' (ha!) place.  AS WELL AS delicious serrano peppers, which we have been eating a bunch of lately:

So all is not lost in the garden. We've been eating peppers and lettuce and basil and chives and waiting patiently for tomatoes. On the next edition of Balcony Garden (you can think of your own theme music), I'll share how our upside down planter was a total bust and how we're going attempt to salvage that tomato. I'm giving it a 20% chance, but we'll see.

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Chrystal said...

Disappointed that the upside-down tomato didn't blow your mind. We had success in Portland, but I recall lots of watering.