Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Celebrating 10 Months of Not Working

So today marks my last and final day as an unemployed. I'm really excited to start my Next Big Thing- my new job is totally and completely different than anything I've done before.  And, like I always do, I am getting really sad to transition out of this last period of my life which has been pretty sweet. I've always been kinda bad with transitions, since (like many people) I dread the unknown. For example, I was absolutely sure I would make no friends in college. I thought 90% of law school classes would be uninteresting. I thought my job at my law firm would make me work 100 hrs a week and that I wouldn't connect with anyone there. And I swore that getting married would make me boring. BUT most of those turned out to be totally untrue (jury's still out on the last one).

SO. Instead of being anxious, I'm been trying to enter this transition by CELEBRATING the last 10 months since I had a job. During the last ten months I've gone backpacking on part of the high sierra trail in yosemite, got married, went on a honeymoon to egypt, moved to turkey for six months, finished nanowrimo, spent three weeks travelling in asia, moved back to to the US, seen five of my friends get married (one more this weekend!), visited palm springs, bay area, london, oregon, wisconsin, memphis, and dallas, decided I wanted to become a government lawyer, cooked a lot, napped a lot, watched all of friday night lights, weeds, and arrested development, visited museums, decorated our new apartment, dwindled my savings account, planted a garden, started a blog, got a job, and generally had a really good time.  Not bad for less than a year.

I highly recommend a life sabbatical if anyone is considering one. Hopefully I can still try and have fun now that I'm a working girl.

Image via Etsy Seller 3Lambs Graphic (w/ a Diane Arbus Quote. Love her.)

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