Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Reworking Chair

So when we moved into our new apartment in Chicago, there was a strange chair just chilling in the sunroom. A "gift" (i.e., they were too lazy to move it or to bring it to goodwill) from the previous tenants, the ubiquitous Ikea Poang.

While it has some nice lines and an obvious "design sensibility" it is so not my style. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a modern/minimalist. So I thought that we should send it on its way down to the thrift store down Halsted where someone who appreciated the chair could give it a home.

But that didn't happen, and it was a comfortable chair, and we needed an armchair for our new "library"- so then came the idea to recover and paint it to give it a little more character. And one afternoon at my friend Zach's house later, we have a new chair! One side with fabric from Joanne's, one side with fabric from our vacay to Bali last year.

Below is a picture of the chair "in situ." It's pretty comfortable. Also please note the sweet trophy in our bookcase that our friends gave us for our wedding. It's for being the #1 Most Fun Couple Ever. Booyah.


Duffy said...

I like the chair but I'm stressed out about your book proliferation policy.

Lucy said...

Don't worry Duff we've got a one in one out policy. No proliferation here.