Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Vermiculture

We have worms!

About 500 of them, living in our house, in two sweet rubbermaid containers. They are going to eat all of our fruit and vegetable trimmings and poop out wonderful nutrient rich soil for us to put on our balcony container garden.

The highlight of getting our worms was getting an ilicit tour of Rick Bayless's super sweet backyard garden/kitchen/generalfoodtopialand. We gave the money, his gardener gave us a large yogurt container full of worms. Awesomest weird exchange ever.

After one escape attempt, they seem to have settled into their new home in the corner of our sunroom well.

We keep our veggie and fruit scraps in this (bottom right) interim home that has a filter to keep any smells out, and move it to the compost once a week.

So far so good in worm land. Will have an update after we actually harvest some compost.


Matt said...

you forgot to mention that the worms have names. "the kennedys," in case anyone's wondering.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I haven't had a ton of success with indoor worm composting--typically have too much waste for the worms to process.

How many pounds a week are you planning to put in there? What will you do with organic waste beyond that?


Lucy said...

Hi Dan! When the worms are "up to speed" we will give them about a pound - 1.5 pounds a week (and the waste does break down a bit in our pail before we put it into the bins). Right now we have been giving about 1/2-3/4 pound a week. The waste beyond that is currently going in the trash - but if this round goes well maybe we'll get another bin and have all our waste taken care of. We're kind of restricted in space since we live in an apartment...