Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Balcony Garden, Week One

Well, this is actually a picture of our plants at near the end of week one. And they have grown a lot already!
We've got: three tomatoes (one cherry, two normal sized), one anaheim chili pepper, one serrano chile pepper, two normal basil plants, one thai basil, one chive, one cilantro, and four heads of lettuce (which were from seed and not starters, so they haven't appeared yet).
Our containers are from all over the place: one we found in our backyard, one we bought from target, two we bought from home depot, and our "raised box" we repurposed - it used to be the top of a target console/entry way table that had worn out its welcome in our home.

Then we made the upside down tomato container according to these instructions, motivated by this article.
 So far so good. Hopefully we'll have lots on delicious vegetables in 45-75 days.

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