Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Let the Right One In

I really dislike horror movies. A lot. Especially serial killer/slasher/gory ones... if there are ghosts, then I might be okay, but if there are serial killer ghosts then I am NOT okay.

Since my home movie viewing has pretty much been limited to Netflix Watch Instantly movies these days, I decided to watch "Let the Right One In," a swedish vampire movie.* I highly recommend it. Even though it's in Swedish.

Watch it, and then remember NEVER TO INVITE THEM IN.... bum bum bum.

*NOTE: I am not yet a subscriber to the vampire craze, not for any real reason except that I didn't get on board and now it seems late/unnecessary. Are crazes ever necessary? Unclear. Either way it seems like it would be weird and late and it would make me super old if I got into it now.

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lori said...

i remember watching that harrison ford, michelle pfeiffer movie with you. i wish you liked horror movies because you get SO scared and you shreik and holler and it's so damn hilarious. watching a horror movie with you is like watching a comedy with donovan where he makes himself cough and choke he's laughing so hard. i shall have to check out your recommendation.