Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Pickling

Pickles. Probably one of the original things that I was ever into.

Our CSA box last week had a bunch of cucumbers, and I've been seeing pictures/recipes/etc of refrigerator pickles lately, so Deets and I thought we'd try it out.

We made two different jars, one spicy/tumeric and one spicy/dill. 

(this picture taken a couple days after we'd been eating them- they were filled at one point, promise.)

They were so good! Crunchy, flavorful and really delicious. We put the onions on sandwiches and just at the pickles plain.


- Slice cucumbers/onions/garlic & chop serrano pepper if you want it spicy
- Stack in jar, along with dill
- boil 1 cup vinegar, two tablespoons sugar, one tablespoons salt,  then mustard seed/tumeric/dill/chiles/etc depending on the taste you want.
- Pour brine into jar, put cap on, shake a little, then let it sit 24 hours
- Then eat delicious pickles! Apparently they will keep for a month in the fridge. 

Our CSA this week had four more cucumbers, so I might make some more. It took approx 10 minutes and costs almost nothing, so I think we're going to try and make it a regular thing.

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lori said...

holy yum! you are my hero.