Monday, June 21, 2010

Things That I'm Into: Table in a Bag

For our wedding we were gifted a table in a bag. Why would you ever need a table in a bag, you may ask?

Well, the answer to that was obvious when we attended a Backstreet Boys concert @ Ravinia.

Yes, Backstreet Boys. A friend from highschool used to be sort of ironically obsessed with the backstreet boys back in the 90s, but somewhere that ironic obsession turned towards true adulation. So we had to get him tickets to see the reunited band for his birthday.

Ravinia was great, as usual. Backstreet boys- who knew you had so many deep cuts? I would have been perfectly fine with a picnic and three or four hits. Two hours is too long to continue to find the humor.

But the yuppie table in a bag was sweet.  Definitely need to break it out more often.

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